My name is Michee Sawuna, a Congolese-American creative, born and raised in Charlotte, NC. The idea of starting Zolaé came to me around August of 2018 while working at the Social Status in Greensboro, NC. It wasn’t until Spring of 2019 that this vision started coming to life. Since my teenage years I always had a major interest in fashion. I always viewed clothes and creating as feelings. Getting influenced by people such as ASAP Rocky and Kanye West, and brands such as Alyx and Martine Rose allowed me to find my own way. I knew that I didn't just want to just wear these items but I wanted to create my own story. Putting myself in a position where I could build my own platform would play a huge role in me achieving this. Working at A Ma Maniere has allowed me to view brands first hand, allowing me to create my own understanding of each design and the process it took to bring them to life. This has encouraged me to dig deeper into the story I want to tell with each piece I develop for Zolaé. As I continue my journey with the brand I want to be able to constantly be innovative and adventurous with my ideas.